Arteta: The Gunners Need to Improve Despite the Bodo Win

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta reveals One of his players needed to improve on some skills, despite the Gunners’ win over Bodo/Glimt. Makes the chances of qualifying for the Europa League knockout rounds bright

    Mikel Arteta has urged Bukayo Saka to ‘require more of himself’ and ‘improve defensively’ following Arsenal ‘s Europa League victory over Bodo/Glimt by the international striker. England’s only goal of the game helped the Gunners to a third successive Europa League win this season. Before this, Bodo/Glimt had a 14-game winning streak at home in Europe. Instead, they squandered their chances in front of the Gunners and failed to hunt for a goal back after Saka gave the visitors the lead in the first half.

Arteta: The Gunners Need to Improve Despite the Bodo Win

           Martin Keown and Joe Cole were raving about Saka’s performance after the game. But Arteta doesn’t seem very pleased. When asked if Arsenal’s goalscorers were Is it ‘better and better’ this season? Arteta replied: “Yes, but he can be a lot better.” “He had moments in the game where he was really good. Then there were moments when he could do better and demand more of himself, especially defensively. “There were moments when we let their left-backs go up front and break the press. ours is too easy There are many things that need to be improved.”

           Arsenal have had an impressive start to the season. They are now top of the Premier League after winning 11 of their first 12 games in all competitions. On Arsenal’s Latest Victory The Spanish coach said. ‘It is no coincidence’ that his team halted Bodo/Glimt’s 14-game winning streak at home. This win gives them a bright chance to advance to the knockout stages. Arteta changed seven positions for the game in Norway. But they are well aware of the dangers of the side that beat Celtic and Dinamo Zagreb, as well as Jose Mourinho’s 6-1 thrashing of Roma last year.

           This UFABET game is also an opportunity for the subs to prove themselves, including Eddie Nketiah, Reiss Nelson, Zambio Lokonga, Fabio Vieira or Marquinhos, but Arteta retained his starting XI as he was a goal scorer. And probably one of the luckiest goals of his career. After his first shot came the save of Marius Hoybraten, who poked the leg off. But fortunately, the ball hit the shin, the good people bounced back, turning the ball into the goal at the first post , Nikita Haikin, the local outpost, lost the right to defend. And it was the only goal that happened in this game.

           “I am very happy. With a win over the last 14 winning teams here. in their house It’s not a coincidence.” “We expected this night to be really tough. And we made a number of changes to the positions again, but I’m glad we found a way to win. Doing so under any circumstances It’s really good. For me and the team.” “They are really fast. And there’s a counter-attack after losing the ball that you didn’t expect. The ball bounces off your feet. and you lose the ball And the UFABET game is going fast.

          Unfortunately for Bodo/Glimt, he wasted so much that he couldn’t get a point in this game. But that made coach Jetil Knutsen happy with their performance. “The feeling is that I’m very proud of the matches we’ve been able to play like this,” he told Viaplay . And I think we can do it by being ourselves. We were a little unlucky today. But football is not always fair.” Arsenal will return to action on Sunday October 16, 2022 against Leeds United , who have not won in their last five matches.