Don’t give up! Hamann hits back with Klopp and insists Liverpool have a real problem

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Dietmar Hamann, Liverpool midfielder Came out to counter the Reds manager Jurgen Klopp and confirmed that. His old team was really in trouble. before revealing some signs he saw

      Didi Hamann insists he doesn’t understand Jürgen Klopp’s sarcastic remarks to him after he explained his concerns about Liverpool ‘s latest form ahead of their Champions League win overNgers on Wednesday night, October 12, 2022, past the runners-up in this list last season had to endure a difficult start to a new season. And 14 points behind the leaders after the defeat against Arsenal on Sunday 9 October 2022.

Don't give up! Hamann hits back with Klopp and insists Liverpool have a real problem

          By Hamann, former Liverpool midfielder Questioned whether Klopp had the power to rekindle Liverpool’s life. And claiming to have seen signs that the time of the German coach’s team is coming to an end “I think at some point we will discuss the manager. And I’m not sure how far we are from that point,” Hamann told talkSport .

          “He said he still felt he was the right person to do it. But I saw little things like Jordan Henderson midweek (Tuesday October 4, 2022, 2-0 win over Rangers) who saw his numbers raised and hesitant to take them off. His armband came out before shaking his head. “This is something we haven’t seen at Liverpool in five years. Maybe this is a little sign that people are having a bit of a problem with the team or even with the manager.” “The dynamic at Liverpool is no different. and if the result of the match is not as expected The manager will be under pressure.”

          Klopp responded by taunting him during his pre-match press conference: “Who said that? Didi Hamann? Oh great, great news source. Respected everywhere.” “That (Hamann as a former Liverpool player) doesn’t give you the right to say what you want. especially when you have no idea. I think Didi Hamann doesn’t deserve you to use his words to ask questions. ask your own question Try to ask questions without the word spark. That’s the challenge right now.”

         Liverpool responded to their skeptics by beating Rangers at the Ibrox Stadium on Wednesday night, October 12, with Mohamed Salah scoring a hat-trick. The fastest in the history of this tournament after being sent down as a substitute in the second half. But Hamann insists there are still signs that the problem remains at his former club, telling Sport Bild : “It’s a UFABET serious matter for me. Obviously there is a problem in Liverpool at the moment . And if he thinks I’m talking nonsense It was for him.” “I have no problem with that. You have to respect other people’s opinions. And that’s why I don’t really understand what he said yesterday.”