Revealing that Omonia’s footballer is a big fan of ghosts + took a photo with Ten Funny after the game

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The Omonia Nicosia striker, who almost became the team’s hero in the Europa League game. Against Manchester United is indeed a huge fan of the Red Devils and has prayed to God to play. In Old Trafford before

     Omonia may have suffered a defeat in stoppage time for Manchester United last night. But goalkeeper Francis Usoho was not too disappointed after the show. Excellent form at Old Trafford, where he once prayed to God that he would like to play. Not surprising if the top team from Cyprus. Will be the side that was invaded almost one side of the game from the local team. But this Nigerian goalkeeper is in good form. And made an impressive save over 90 minutes in a game where United had 34 shots on target.

Revealing that Omonia's footballer is a big fan of ghosts + took a photo with Ten Funny after the game

          Scott McTominay came off the bench and scored the only goal of the game in the 93rd minute. Which although that was bad news for Usoho’s side, the 23-year-old goalkeeper was not depressed after the noise. The whistle has ended. He is usually Omonia’s second choice goalkeeper. But being given the opportunity to play becausegoalkeeper Fabiano’s first-choice injury allows him to play with the team he has supported since childhood.

          And it was a wonderful night for the goalkeeper as he performed brilliantly at Old Trafford in the Europa League group stage. United and he has unleashed his full potential in the home of his favorite team. Usoho was unlucky for the team to lose after 12 dozen attempts to deflect a shot from the Red Devils, but he was in good spirits after the game when he was photographed with United manager Erik ten Hag.

 “I’m not disappointed because we had a good game. But I would like to get at least one point,” the Nigeria international told BT Sport with a smile on his face. “But I’m happy. It’s not an easy field to play against these big players. So I’m generally happy.” “It’s a dream come true for me. I’ve been dreaming of playing here for a long time. When I saw the draw and thought of playing at Old Trafford, I wanted to play and pray to God for the opportunity to play. and I hope I am happy to play here.”

          Asked if it was the best play of his career, Usoho replied: “Yes, yes, I think so.” He added: “I’m very proud of my team-mates. It’s not one person’s job, we give everything as a UFABET team. I’m happy with my performance, that’s all.”

          Neil Lennon, former Celtic manager In charge of the team , Omonia is proud of his goalkeeper and he hopes to return to that level in the future. “He really stood up to the challenge. he has inspiration He is unbelievable,” said the former Leicester midfielder. “ I am very happy for him, he works hard, he has to wait. He seized the opportunity brilliantly. I just hope he will continue to do well. No injuries and enjoying his football.