The basics of playing blackjack that newbies should not miss

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The basics of playing blackjack that newbies should not miss. Among the popular card games played in online casino Around the world, besides baccarat, I think there is also blackjack. This is the one that has been popular as the top, possibly with a method of playing that requires tactics. But it’s not so difficult as poker. Today I bring you good information that can be called the basics of playing blackjack that everyone must have, especially newbies. But what’s up let’s go see.

Online blackjack card game It is a game that is not very popular in Thailand. Because with the play that may take longer Baccarat or Dragon Tiger Therefore, this game is not popular and forgotten in online casinos. As for playing, it’s very easy for BLACKJACK. Just make the combination of face cards as close to 21 as possible or if the total of 21 points is a winner. But if the total is more than 21, it will be considered losing immediately as well.

The basics of playing blackjack that newbies should not miss

card counting blackjack

In playing blackjack, there are ways to count the UFABET card points as follows.

  • Numbered face cards 2 – 10, every suit has a value according to the number on the face of the card.
  • All three foreign cards J, Q, K have 10 points.
  • Every A card can have a value of 1 point or 11 points, depending on which group of cards it is with. For example, if it is with three western cards J, Q, K, the A card will have a value of 11 points, but if it is in A group of numeric cards will make the A card worth 1 point.