The basics of playing blackjack

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In fact, playing blackjack at various online casinos has many different ways of playing. Although they look different, they have the same basic gameplay as follows.

The basics of playing blackjack
The basics of playing blackjack
  1. The dealer deals 1 card to each player with their cards face down. Then give it to yourself
  2. The dealer begins to deal a second card to all players face down. Then give it to yourself One of the dealer’s two cards must be face up.
  3. All players total their hand points. If you are not satisfied with the points you get. You can call more cards as needed. so that the total score is as close to 21 as possible
  4. The dealer begins to show his first card to other players. The other UFABET card is placed face down and waits until the other players have called all their cards. or stop calling
  5. After no player has called more cards. The dealer will show and draw more cards, with the condition that they must keep calling until the point equals 17 or more before the draw can be stopped. This means that the lowest point of the dealer is 17 points.
  6. The player measures the cards against the dealer. If the player has a total hand value of less than 17, the banker loses. If there are more points than the mobile phone holder wins