7 tips for taking care of your hair during the summer Don’t let it become brittle or dry.

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During this hot summer, girls must also pay attention to taking care of their skin to prevent it from being damaged by the sun. Taking care of your hair is equally important. So today we’ve picked out 7 tips for taking care of your hair during the summer. This is a way to help prevent the girls’ hair from becoming damaged. Dry, damaged and fragile, come share with the ladies. We have followed along.

7 tips for taking care of your hair during the summer Don't let it become brittle or dry.

1. Use a shampoo that has a neutral pH value.
During the summer, girls must be careful in choosing a shampoo that is suitable for the weather as well. The shampoo that should be used during this period must be a shampoo that has a neutral pH because it is a shampoo that gently cleanses the hair and scalp. Doesn’t make hair dry and damaged. And it should have a mixture of moisturizers that help keep the hair soft and moisturized. Protect hair from UV rays And importantly, the shampoo used must contain keratin that helps restore dry and damaged hair back to strength. Also avoid using shampoos that contain excessive alcohol or chemicals. Because it may make your hair more dry and damaged than before.

2. Use hair serum.
Using hair serum protects the scales that are the outermost layer of the hair. To prevent the hair from being damaged by exposure to heat, dirt or various chemicals. It also helps reduce static electricity that causes girls’ hair. Can also be pointed out.

3. Marinate your hair once a week.
In the summer, it is recommended that girls Masturbate your hair once a week. To restore dry and damaged hair from sunlight. As for the hair treatment formula that we recommend that girls use, it can be done by using olive oil. coconut oil or oil extracted from chamomile flowers By fermenting it before washing your hair for about 10-15 minutes, it will help dry and damaged hair to be nourished and become healthy again.

4. Trim the ends of your hair.
Trimming the ends of your hair is a method of taking care of your hair during the summer that is suitable for girls who don’t like to cut their hair short because this method will still help take care of their hair. Don’t let it dry out or become frizzy. It is recommended that you trim the ends of dry and damaged hair every 7-8 weeks, which is recommended to trim about 1 inch.

5. Avoid heat from the device.
During the summer, girls’ hair Exposure to sunlight and heat every day is unavoidable. Therefore, heat from using hair styling tools must be avoided as well. If girls like to blow dry their hair, they should avoid it first. Then use the method of wiping your hair with a cloth instead. Because if using equipment that is hot during the summer It will make the hair lose moisture more easily, causing it to become dry, brittle, brittle, dandruff and easily flaky scalp.

6. Do not expose to strong sunlight.
What day do girls Must go out and do outdoor activities. It is recommended that you do not leave your hair directly exposed to strong sunlight. At least you should protect yourself by wearing a hat. To prevent the sun from hitting the hair directly, or if girls can avoid the sun from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., that’s even better. Because the sun during this period has harmful UV rays. Can severely damage the skin and hair.

7. Do not wash your hair too often.
Even if the girls’ hair It will happen very often. But during the summer, you shouldn’t wash your hair too often. Because it will make your hair more dry than before. Because washing your hair washes out the natural oils of your hair. If you wash your hair too often It will only wash away a lot of the natural oils. It’s very important that after washing your hair, Should be nourished with hair conditioner every time. It will help maintain the moisture of the hair well.

Summer like this Don’t forget to pay attention to taking care of your hair. Because when girls Neglecting hair care Will easily lead to negative effects on the https://ufabet999.com hair and scalp. which can sometimes be difficult to cure completely