7 ways to solve “split ends” and reduce the problem of dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. Make your hair extremely beautiful and healthy.

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First of all, let the girls Try picking up the hair and looking at it to see if there is a problem with split ends. I’m rough. Or is my hair dry and damaged??? Ladies, do you think the same thing that ” hair” can be said to be the most cherished thing for us women ? If you don’t believe me, just notice that before deciding to walk into the shop to get a haircut each time. I have to think and think again because I feel sorry for me. And for people who encounter the problem of damaged hair, especially split ends, even if it only happens to the end of the hair. But it is clearly noticeable and makes the overall condition of the hair look healthy.

7 ways to solve "split ends" and reduce the problem of dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. Make your hair extremely beautiful and healthy.

And any cis women who are currently sitting with their temples under stress due to the problem of severely damaged hair, we have 7 easy ways to fix ” split ends”  for you to try and follow. I can assure you that anyone who follows these methods will help restore and nourish their hair to be stronger and healthier. Ready to help reduce the problem of split ends very well.

1 Trim the ends of your hair often. Helps reduce split ends.

 How to easily solve the problem of split ends The first thing we would like to recommend to girls. What everyone does regularly is to trim the ends of their hair frequently. The สมัคร ufabet reason is because the longer the hair is allowed to grow, the more it will grow. The more you increase the chance of split ends. In this way, trimming the ends of your hair regularly will help trim away split ends that are both dry and damaged and are in poor health. Regardless of whether a cis woman has short hair, shoulder- length hair, or long hair, they should trim the ends of their hair regularly every 6 – 8 weeks to keep the ends of their hair healthy and reduce the problem of split ends. 2. Don’t

wash your hair too often. Because it may make your hair dry and damaged.

Many people encounter hair problems. Whether it’s dry and damaged hair, oily hair, frizzy hair, or split ends. You may think for yourself that you wash your hair often. It may help solve these hair problems… But we would like to argue with all our heart that it is not true at all! Because when your hair is wet, it’s a time when your hair is very fragile. In addition to the risk of hair breaking and falling easily. Washing your hair too often may make it easier for your hair to split ends, so ladies, you shouldn’t wash your hair every day or wash your hair too often. But if you want to restore and nourish split ends to make your hair healthier. It is recommended to choose a gentle shampoo formula with natural ingredients. It is best to add moisture to the hair and scalp.

3 Nourish your hair to be soft and smooth with argan oil.

Anyone who is facing the problem of split ends You will clearly notice that your hair is dry and damaged and very frizzy. And the hair care aid that will help restore the hair to be softer, smoother and more moisturized than before is “Argan oil”. You can buy hair care products that contain argan oil to use to nourish your hair regularly. For example, a hair treatment that is applied to damp hair. or hair serum before styling Because argan oil will help add moisture to the hair without making it feel sticky like other oils. It also has small particles that can be absorbed to nourish the hair and scalp. 4 Avoid bathing with temperatures that are too high.

Did you know that the heat that radiates from the bathing water? It is also considered a cause of damage to the hair, making it dry and damaged and causing split ends. And we’re guessing that there must be many cis women out there who like to take a warm bath that gives them a relaxing feeling. But high temperature water will damage the health of the hair and make it weaker and weaker. This may destroy the natural oils that protect the hair and scalp. As a result, the scalp becomes dry and peeling until it becomes dandruff. Dry, damaged, frizzy hair Fragile hair scales And split ends can occur, so we recommend changing to taking a shower and washing your hair with cold or room temperature water instead. This method is better for your hair’s health than using warm water.

5. When drying your hair, you should leave the end of the hair aside.

Please know that “heat” is considered the worst enemy for split ends. The more often ladies use heat on their hair, especially the ends. It will make the ends of your hair dry and damaged many times worse than before. This is the case when using a hair dryer after washing your hair. Turn on the hair dryer at the lowest heat setting. And using a blow dryer to focus only on the roots and top of the hair rather than the ends is best. Or if you’re not in a hurry or have to go somewhere in a hurry, use a hair dryer with cool air instead. Although it may make your hair dry a little more slowly. But I can assure you that it will help reduce the risk of hair becoming dry, damaged or split ends.

6 Wiping your hair with a microfiber cloth can help preserve your hair.

Have any girls ever felt shocked when they wiped their hair and found that their hair fell out in clumps??? The reason why a lot of hair falls out after washing your hair is because The time when hair is wet is when it is most vulnerable. When combed or wiped hard It will fall off a lot. There is also a chance of split ends occurring. Therefore, we would like to recommend it to ladies. Change from using a towel to dry your hair after washing your hair and try using a “microfiber cloth” to gently dry your hair instead, because cloth made from microfiber can absorb water better than ordinary towels. So there’s no need to wipe your hair vigorously. You can absorb water from your hair. It also helps your hair dry faster.

7 Do not dry / curl / straighten your hair at high temperatures.

Many people are faced with the problem of split ends causing their hair to become frizzy and look unruly. You might use a method of clipping the ends of your hair to make it look straighter and more beautiful, right??? We must warn you that this method will not only help your hair look more beautiful. It is also the use of heat to repeatedly damage the hair. Until it makes the ends of the hair dry and damaged and the split ends become worse than before. Therefore, people who like to have beautiful hair on a daily basis Whether by means of blow drying, curling or straightening the hair. You should adjust the heat level to use the lowest heat or medium heat is best. And most importantly, don’t forget to spray heat protection spray all over your hair first every time. To protect the hair from being damaged by heat.

Oh, we understand that people are facing problems with damaged hair right now. It must feel heavy and not light at all, right??? Because hair problems are not something that can be easily fixed. And it takes some time. To restore and nourish the hair to become strong and beautiful again. At this time, anyone who is having problems with split ends must pay more attention to taking care of their hair. Whether it’s trimming the ends of your hair frequently Be careful about using heat on your hair. And diligently nourish your hair with argan oil regularly to add moisture to make your hair soft and smooth. Just this will help reduce the problem of dry and damaged hair, split ends, and restore the hair to be extremely beautiful and strong.